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Rumon Oakley is a ‘paperless’ business and management consulting firm serving clients within the major sectors of the Nigerian economy. We take pride in delivering world class services and solutions to our clients and, in so doing, contributing to the economic and social development of the nations and the world as a whole. 

By developing strategies, people and designing management systems and the proper combination of these three components we can provide the chances of any business’ success and it’s delivery on envisaged outcomes that will drive performance and contribute to organizational and socio-economic development. As one of the growing dynamic business-consulting firms, we revel in effecting important and actual change through our strategic interventions. 

We rely on our pool of seasoned young, innovative and dynamic freelance consultants who are highly experienced in their various fields of speciality. In addition to its diverse team, the firm executes it assignments using best practice methodologies.

We are motivated by the challenges brought to us by our clients; combining our solutions with our tight project management principles, we can live up to world class expectations.

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